Intended to strengthen family partnerships, this alignment serves as a sampling of the correlation between Teaching Strategies' Intentional Teaching Opportunities and ReadyRosie's Modeled Moments for parents and caregivers of infants, toddlers, and twos.

Intentional Teaching Opportunity Primary Objective/ Dimension ReadyRosie Activity
Language and Literacy
LL01 Letters in the Sand 19a Copy Me
LL03 From Drawing to Writing 19b Secret Message
LL04 Sing & Move 8b Ring Around the Rosie
LL05 The "Me" Book 17a Look at the Book
LL07 Pretend Phone Calls 10a Banana Phonana
LL08 Outdoor Mobiles 10a Nature Walk and Talk
LL09 Cardboard Village 9c Bear Bath
LL10 Yummy Foods 9c Hooray Parfait
LL11 Let's Talk 10a Tell Me About It
LL12 What's in the Picture? 9a Magazine Picture Walk
LL14 Ice-Block Play 9b Grocery Store I Spy
LL15 Whisper Songs 10b Choosing the Right Voice
LL16 Tissue-Paper Play 8a Torn Paper Art
LL17 Three Bears 18c Book Walk
LL21 Will You Read to Me? 18b Book Chat
LL24 Fingers, Nose, and Toes 9a Point and Learn
LL25 A Book of Faces 17b Reading Emotions
LL26 Reading Rhyming Books 15a Finish the Rhyme
LL27 A Cup Is For... 9a What Do We Do?
LL28 Family Faces 9a Family Photos
LL34 Our Names, Our Things 16a Happy Birthday to You
LL40 Sticky Surface 9a Stuck on You
LL42 Textured Letters 16a Hunting for Letters
LL50 What Do I See? 8a T-Shirt Talk
LL51 Dance & Remember 8b Move While You Sing
LL53 Bookworm Boogie 18a Bring Me the Book
LL55 Silly Names 15b Grocery List, Super Hero Names
LL57 Waterworks 9a Little Chef
LL59 Playground Textures 9a Touch and Taste
LL61 What's the Problem? 8a Tempted to Talk
M04 Cookie-Cutter Fun 21b Which Lid?
M05 Sink or Float? 22a Sink or Float
M06 Construction Zone 21a Nesting Bowls
M08 Pots and Pans Band 23 Drum Patterns
M09 Let's Make Two 20b Snack Count
M13 What's Inside? 21a Dump and Pick Up
M14 Ramp Experiments 22a Vroom! Vroom!, First Place
M17 This Little Piggy 20c One, Two, Moo
M18 Rock Collection 22a Toy Sort
M19 In, On, and Around 21a Bear Hunt
M20 Where's the Water? 21a Pop Go the Bubbles!
M22 Jump Counting 20a Get Moving
M28 Counting Books 20a Magazine Problem Solving
P03 Splash Pad 4 Pop Go the Bubbles!
P04 Throwing Plush Balls 6 Catch!
P06 Rocking on a Roller 5 Rhyme and Ride
P10 Icy Paintings 7b Paint Your Name
P12 Molding Dough 7a Playdough Lengths
P13 1, 2, 3 Hops 4 Get Moving
P14 Pull Box 7a Take Along Toy
P15 Let's Practice Dressing 7a I Can Do It All By Myself
P16 Squeezing Sponges 7a Toy Car Wash
P17 Tap and Shake My Tambourine 7a Table Taps
P19 Beach-Ball Kicker 6 Kick with Me
P20 Bumpy Blanket 4 Walk the Line
P21 Big Beads 7a Little Hands, Big Plans
P23 Silly Wavy Lines 7b Color with Me
P27 Stand Up and Dance 5 Fast, Slow
P28 Tape Trails 4 Walk the Line
P30 Flowers in the Garden 7a Tube Chute
P33 Balancing Act 5 Supported Standing
SE02 Let's Try This Instead 1b How do I get my child to______?
SE04 Picnic 2c Tea Party
SE05 Take Care of Baby 2b Reading Emotions
SE07 Right Where It Belongs 1c Big, Little Helper
SE09 Build It Up, Knock It Down 2c Build to Four
SE10 Hellos and Good-byes 2a How can I help my child with separation?
SE13 Looking for Toes 1c I Can Do It All By Myself
SE17 Calm-Down Place 1a How should I handle temper tantrums?
SE20 Conflict Resolution 3b How can I stop my kids from fighting?
SE23 Encouragement 1a How can I get my child to listen to me?
SE26 Dressing for the Weather 3a Let's Get Dressed