Bite-Sized Learning From Leading Voices in Education

Every caregiver has their hot button issues in the raising of children. Social/Emotional challenges, discipline, screen time, and healthy communication are just a few. ReadyRosie partners with thought-leaders who help navigate these challenges through quick, to-the-point video tips, delivered via the ReadyRosie library or from a caring teacher.

Sample Research & Answer Videos

  • Based on Standards
  • Filmed in Both English & Spanish
  • Quick: Only Two Minutes
  • Real Families in Real Environments
  • For Elementary, Pre-k, and Baby
  • Delivered Via Text or Email

A Growing List of Topics and Contributors:


  • Challenging Behaviors
  • Digital Literacy and Media Use
  • Discipline
  • Family Health and Well-Being
  • Home Language
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Responsive Parenting
  • School & Family Partnerships
  • Social Emotional


  • Dr. Becky Bailey
  • Chip Donohue
  • Antonio Sacre
  • Dr. Susan B. Neuman
  • Rebecca Itzkowich
  • Jeanine Brownell
  • Elizabeth Schwartz
  • Lisa Guernsey
  • Karen Nemeth
  • Luis A. Hernandez
  • Plus many more!

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