ReadyRosie is proud to launch two new delivery options for our daily videos.

Parents, teachers, and caregivers can now choose to receive their daily ding via a daily SMS text message sent directly to their mobile phone. The message will include a brief text description of the activity followed by a link that will connect them with the daily video in English and Spanish.

New users can choose how they want their daily dings delivered to them:

A) email only,

B) text only, or

C) email and text.

Existing users will always have the option to change their delivery preferences with links on the daily email and the video landing page.

ReadyRosie has also launched the ReadyRosie Mobile App available for both Android and iOS devices. Anyone can download the app, but will need to login to their ReadyRosie account in order to access the app’s full functionality and complete library of ReadyRosie, ReadyBaby, and Expert videos. We’ve made it easy on the app for parents and other users to discover their ReadyRosie password simply by providing their email address. Simply click on the relevant icons below to download the app.

We’ve updated our ReadyRosie marketing and awareness materials to include both of these new features so that you can spread the word!