What can be accomplished in just 15 minutes? According to ReadAloud.org, 15 minutes a day can change the face of education in our country.  A 10-year national campaign with the mission of communicating the power of reading aloud to parents. ReadAloud.org aims for every child between the ages of 0-8 to experience a daily read aloud by a parent.

While parents are encouraged to read aloud every day of the year, March has been deemed “Read Aloud Month” to rally the nation to renew the commitment to making reading in the home a priority.  According to a ChildTrends report on parent engagement and early literacy,  “two thirds of all children are not reading at grade level by the end of third grade. These struggling readers see reading as a school job, but not an activity in which they would willingly engage outside of school.”  At ReadyRosie and BringingUp, we believe that we must do more than simply TELL parents to change the environment and habits of the home.  We believe change happens when we SHOW families a vision of what this can look like with real families.

Because we are committed to developing lifelong readers by providing opportunities for young students to internalize the behaviors of avid readers, ReadyRosie and BringingUp are excited to join the celebration of Read Aloud Month by sharing free videos to equip and inspire parents to make reading a daily priority and enjoyable experience for everyone in the home.

Like ReadAloud.org, we believe amazing things can be accomplished in just minutes a day.  We invite you to check out our Read Aloud Month playlist on YouTube during the month of March.  We will be adding short videos, in English and Spanish, throughout the month.  Feel free to share these videos with the families that you serve.  Follow us on social media for notifications as new videos are added – ReadyRosie Facebook or Twitter (targeting ages 0-5) or BringingUp Facebook or Twitter (targeting grades K-3rd) for notifications as new videos are added.