The ReadyRosie professional learning approach gives educators the tools, knowledge, and confidence to strengthen the family–school partnership and see student outcomes improve as a result.

Each workshop module is designed to be 1.5 – 2 hours in duration and can stand alone or be grouped with other workshops to provide customized training.

Half Day

Select 1-2 Workshop Modules

Full Day

Select 3-4 Workshop Modules

Each ReadyRosie Professional Development Workshop:

  • builds educator expertise in working with families as key partners in academic success.
  • celebrates working with families and the rich, diverse experiences they bring to the classroom.
  • encourages teachers to collaborate with colleagues and gain the tools they need in order to successfully strengthen family engagement.
  • inspires educators to encourage and support family e orts to learn outside of school.
  • includes ReadyRosie Modeled Moments. These videos provide rich authentic learning activities with real families in real environments and directly support the foundational skills children need to be successful in the classroom.
  • is interactive, engaging, and fun.

Available Workshops

This workshop can be given directly to educators or given in a “train the trainer” model. Educators will explore the ReadyRosie video content to understand how it relates to student outcomes, how to enroll families, and how ReadyRosie can be a tool for communication and capacity building for families. Educators will understand how to conduct Family Workshops that are empowering, relationship building, and drive usage of ReadyRosie. Educators will have time to build an implementation strategic plan and get started by registering families and building out playlists they can send to families throughout the school year and summer. This training is perfect to pair with one or more of the educator workshops listed below.

This workshop is designed for Head Start agencies and public schools who will be hosting ReadyRosie workshops with families throughout the year. Participants will have a deeper understanding of the implementation guide and facilitator’s guide. Participants will experience one of the family workshops in order to deliver workshop modules with families throughout the school year.

Working with Families: The Key to Success

In this introductory session, educators share and build upon their expertise as partners with families. Discussions and hands- on activities facilitate a deep understanding of the importance of working together and the critical role a strong family/school partnership plays in improving student outcomes. Educators are inspired to identify and remove barriers that prevent family partnerships and to support family efforts of learning outside of school. Participants will discover how family engagement goals can be easily met when implementing ReadyRosie with fidelity.

The Dual Language Learner and the Critical Importance of the Home School Connection

Children come to school with a home language. Educators will become familiar with strategies that welcome dual language learners and build cultural and linguistic responsiveness into their classroom. Experiential activities, videos, and discussions give educators the ability to support the strengths and needs of children who are dual language learners and their families. Tools to connect the school and home experience will be explored. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the ReadyRosie tools that will empower their work with dual language learners and their families.

Building Growth Mindset Muscles at School and Home

A child’s mindset has great implications for academic success. Educators will explore the characteristics of growth vs. fixed mindsets. Experiential activities, self-reflection, and discussions give educators a chance to determine their own growth mindset behaviors and strengths. Explore strategies for building a growth mindset classroom and behaviors. Discover activities for home and school that focus on building brain muscle, process, persistence, empowerment, and self-confidence. Participants will explore how ReadyRosie supports and models growth mindset language and behaviors by giving teachers and families tools that focus on building a strong growth mindset.

Learning Everywhere: Rethinking Homework

Experience the joy of having students and families enjoy learning outside of school…a homework reframe! Educators will explore the role of the teacher, family, and child in homework. Educators will discuss what works and doesn’t work and how to get families excited about supporting learning beyond school walls. Experiential activities and discussions allow educators to experience exciting ways to partner with families to make learning outside of school a joyful, connecting experience. Through ReadyRosie tools, participants will explore learning opportunities that inspire family learning outside of school.

Partnering with Families Throughout the Year

Viewing families as partners and engaging them throughout the year will dramatically improve outcomes and connections with students. Hands-on activities, discussions, and self-reflections encourage educators to welcome families through all touch points, including back-to-school events, conferences, open house, family events, and communications. Discuss how to build in realistic and meaningful ways to know your families, their stories, the hopes and dreams they have for their children, and the assets they bring to your school. Participants will explore opportunities to incorporate ReadyRosie tools with their existing touch points and hear how others have used ReadyRosie effectively throughout the year.

Social Emotional Learning In the Classroom and Home

Strong relationships and social emotional skills are key to school and life success. Highly interactive activities, practice, and reflection are used to build a responsive SEL classroom and explore how to partner with families to support the continuing development of strong foundational social skills. Tools and strategies for equipping families in their efforts to create a home learning environment, set routines, build self-regulation skills, and develop social problem solving will be shared. Participants will gain insight into how the ReadyRosie Modeled Moments can teach SEL skills in a fun and nonthreatening way.