Upload Data Form – If you choose to provide email addresses directly to us, download the “Upload Form Here” Insert the relevant data and send it back to us at  

Registration Page – we also create an online registration page that you can easily use for additional users once the original email upload is complete (a student who enrolls in the middle of the year, for instance). The link to that is typically found here: 

Email us if you don’t know your registration page link. 

START DATE – Send us an email at info@readyrosie with your preferred start date.


Successful ReadyRosie implementation requires sufficiently bringing the parents – the intended audience – on board.  Some things to help with this…

Here are some standard awareness materials you can use in your school –

We’ve also created videos (in English and Spanish) designed to educate parents on the benefits of ReadyRosie and the ins and outs of using it. It might help to send this out with your original email to parents about ReadyRosie.

We will also be including a link to these in every daily email as a refresher:

English Parent Video –

Spanish Parent Video –

Intro Email to parents – we like to send an intro email prior to the daily videos beginning. You can see a couple of examples here. 


Teacher Education – The best ReadyRosie implementations involve sufficient education of your teachers and staff. 

ReadyRosie Video Sequence and Standard Alignment Packet – Soon you will receive a customized packet of all the videos, including the dates your parents will see them and key themes/vocabulary/standards addressed in each video. This will help your teaching team utilize ReadyRosie as “homework” for their families and integrate with their other teaching strategies.


You will have 24/7 access to basic registration and usage statistics for your school.

To access simply login to the site using the following

credentials: USERNAME: (districtname)stats PASSWORD: (districtname)stats

This will not be activated until you have users registered in the system

In addition to this access, we will send you, via email, a monthly in-depth data reports showing a user rating (0-5) for each user.