Your Action Plan

After working with thousands of schools, we’ve developed a set of best practices that are proven strategies to successfully implement ReadyRosie…

Best Practices

Create a plan to introduce ReadyRosie to your families - set clear goals and expectations

  • What is your plan to introduce ReadyRosie to your families?
  • What goals do you want to set for your families in how they use it?
  • When will you introduce ReadyRosie to your families?
  • How are you registering families?

Set a date when teachers should have all their families invited

  • What is the date?
  • How will you communicate this to your teachers?

Set a user goal for the first year? We recommend 50% for the first year.

  • How many students are enrolled in the grade levels that are using ReadyRosie?
  • What percentage of those families do you want to see using ReadyRosie the first year?

Integrate ReadyRosie into your existing family engagement strategy

  • How does ReadyRosie fit into your overall family engagement strategy?
  • How might you use ReadyRosie in conjunction with:
    • Parent-Teacher Conference
    • Family Night
    • As a homework tool
    • Etc.

Set a goal for your teachers to use custom playlists.

  • Will you be having goals for your teachers around the sharing of custom playlists? Y/N
  • If No, why?
  • If Yes, what is the frequency?

Plan a family engagement event that involves the use of ReadyRosie, the Family Workshops, Give Me 10s, etc. at least once a semester.

When will you host your events this year?

Introducing ReadyRosie to Principals or other administrators

Who else in your program would benefit - specialists, etc.

Celebrate accomplishments

  • Celebrating your staff for meeting goals
  • Celebrating families for meeting goals

Following-up on data

Touchpoint calls

Next steps — to-do list