This page is designed for teachers and schools in order to get you everything you need to get started with ReadyRosie with your families.

For a quick overview of ReadyRosie, watch this Intro Video:

You should already have access to the ReadyRosie Share educator platform where you can invite families, customize content, and track progress. Log in here using your school email address as your login. If it is your first time to login this school year, you can put in any password you like. If you don’t have access or need someone else from your school to have access, contact

Here are the steps and resources to get you and your team set to launch ReadyRosie for your families:

Step 1: Get word out to your families!

Explore the resources available to you to make sure your families are aware and excited about this resource.

Step 2: Create your classroom and invite families to join ReadyRosie

Here’s how:

Step 3: Learn how to create custom video playlists for your families

Here’s how:

Step 4: Get more training for you and your team

This training video might be helpful for your team so they know how everything works. It shows what ReadyRosie is, how it works, and how to use the platform.

If you would like to schedule a training for your team with someone from the ReadyRosie team for your school, let us know - contact

For more answers to your questions on how to use ReadyRosie, check out our Online Resources.

If you have any questions along the way, contact