What is ReadyRosie?

ReadyRosie is an online parent engagement tool. We send an email or text once a week that contains three to five videos in English and Spanish. It was created to give parents and guardians ideas of how to better engage their children at home, in the library, in the car, at the grocery store, or wherever they are spending time. We want to show the guardians that there is always an opportunity for learning and talking with their children, and it doesn’t take hours of practice.

How do I know if ReadyRosie is available in my district?

If you would like to see if ReadyRosie is available in your district, just go to register and type in your zip code. If a district pops up, then you are free to register and will begin receiving the daily email the next weekday morning. When a district does not show up, then ReadyRosie is not available in your area.  If you would like for ReadyRosie to be in your child’s school, then check out this letter that can be used to advocate ReadyRosie to your city leaders, school board members, teachers, or even superintendents.

Why am I receiving these emails?

You are receiving ReadyRosie because your school district or community has purchased ReadyRosie for you as a parent, guardian, or child care worker of a child or children enrolled in the district. ReadyRosie is an online/email-based parent engagement tool. We focus on empowering parents and guardians to take two to three minutes a day to watch a ReadyRosie video and recreate the actives with their children. Every day is another opportunity for parents to engage their children whether they are in the car, at the laundromat, in the grocery store, or at the park. ReadyRosie wants to inspire parents to take advantage of those couple of minutes and teach their children something new.

How do I unsubscribe?

If, after receiving ReadyRosie daily dings you decide you would like to unsubscribe, there is an unsubscribe option at the bottom of every email.

I signed up for ReadyRosie but haven’t received an email.

Thank you for signing up for ReadyRosie! First, please check your junk/spam mailbox. We use MailChimp to send out our emails and sometimes mailboxes will identify this as spam. If it is not there then please email us to see our technical specifications to find out which browsers support ReadyRosie. Finally, please check with your districts or workplace firewall. Just like your email some firewalls identify our daily dings as spam, this can be taken care of by contacting your IT department.

I don’t know my username/my password.

When your district registers you, the standard procedure uses your email as a username and your password would be “readyrosie”. If you registered yourself and don’t remember your credentials, then email us! We can tell you the username and reset your password.

Can I buy ReadyRosie?

We do not sell ReadyRosie to individuals or homeschool groups, but we do have a letter written for you to send to your city leaders, school board members, or even superintendents. Letter from Parent

Can there be more than one parent, guardian, or caretaker per child?

Absolutely! We encourage parents, grandparents, babysitters, guardians, and anyone else that has direct contact with the child on a consistent basis to sign up for the emails.

I was registering my child and selected the wrong district or school. How do I fix it?

If you think you made a mistake while registering your child, please email us at info@readyrosie.com with the corrected information and the registered email. We will be happy to fix that for you!