Campus Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP’s) can be a valuable resource for implementing and encouraging RR use among your families.

We know that early language development is tied to the acquisition of social and emotional skills, as well as being critical for future academic success. Listening and speaking abilities can impact reading and writing skills.

Part of an SLP’s job responsibility is to foster speech and language development, and this is directly related to the ReadyRosie video content. For students receiving speech therapy, many skills demonstrated in the videos could relate directly to their IEP goals and objectives.

Encourage your SLP to join you in utilizing this great resource:

  • Be sure your SLP’s are registered and have access to the video library
  • Include them in any training sessions for using ReadyRosie
  • Utilize their assistance and expertise when planning family events
  • Talk to them about connections with potential community partners

Here are some ways SLPs can use ReadyRosie video content:

  • Show videos during IEP/ARD meetings to demonstrate ways to facilitate speech and language development in the home
  • Send parents links to expert videos that relate to their child’s area of need
  • Include video links in speech newsletters or on speech webpages
  • Have the SLP create a class list to send additional videos, at parent request, to students receiving speech/language services
  • Incorporate videos into individual and group therapy sessions targeting student goals and objectives
  • Collaborate with teachers in selecting appropriate custom videos targeting specific skill sets for students
  • Assist in providing video resources for teachers and paraprofessionals implementing RTI (Response to Intervention) strategies in the classroom

SLP’s are passionate about student progress, and will welcome an opportunity to partner with teachers and parents to support them and facilitate success!