Our system provides a star rating for each person receiving the daily emails based on a number of criteria:

  • How often they open an email
  • How often they click on the content of the email (go to the video)
  • Usage over a period of time.
  • How long they have been in the system (most of your list is relatively recent – in this sense, sort of like credit, it takes time to build up a higher rating).

*** It is important to note that users get 5 emails a week. Spending time with just one of those emails a week is a significant boost in your parent engagement efforts, yet this will be reflective as a lower rating.

In general, this is what the various star ratings represent:

5 stars
A high level of engagement. This person opens and
clicks on the daily emails very consistently.

4 stars
A good amount of activity. This person often opens
and clicks on the daily emails.

3 stars
Moderate activity. This person opens or clicks the
daily emails but is either not consistently engaged
or hasn’t been on the list long enough to have earned
a higher rating.

4 stars
Lower activity. This person is most likely a new person
on the list, or a previously engaged person who hasn’t
been very active as of late.

3 stars
This person has either unsubscribed and
resubscribed, or soft bounced in the past.