Know That ReadyRosie is Working Through Data for Administrators and Teachers

Every teacher and administrator has access to live data that shows the effectiveness of ReadyRosie all the way down to individual family. Learn how to best reach your families by seeing their activity as they use the ReadyRosie playlists and library of videos.

What Can You Track?

  • Number of Families in Each Classroom
  • Number of Videos Watched at Home
  • Playlists Viewed Sent from Teacher
  • Liked Videos by Families
  • Number of Registered Teachers in District

Two-Way Communication Connected to Specific Learning Opportunities

Every video in the ReadyRosie video library comes with a “Comment” box right below it. These comments are delivered directly to the child’s teacher.

Realtime Collaboration

When a caregiver shares feedback in the comment section, teachers can read and respond immediately. ReadyRosie facilitates content-based communication so families and teachers are communicating about the things that most directly impact student success!