“Both my children were more prepared for going back to school.”

“We were doing different learning games - and I didn’t even know that they were learning games!”

Imagine if the families you work with made comments like these at the beginning of your school year. Good news: we’ve got everything you need to help get families inspired and ready to soar this summer!

To see more from families and children who participated in our program last year, watch this 2-minute video:

Providing families with fun and engaging games for a learning-rich summer can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Use the month of May as an opportunity to make sure all families have received and accepted their ReadyRosie invitation.
  2. Print a “ReadyRosie Summer Soar” Packet (see below) for each child and consider an incentive for the child to log the activities and bring the completed packet back at the end of summer.
  3. Remind families that they will automatically receive a Summer Soar playlist each week from ReadyRosie with the modeled videos that support their toolkit.

The ReadyRosie Summer Soar Packet includes the following. These resources can be found under the Resource tab in the Share platform. Here’s what you’ll find:

A Message for Home:

Are your teachers looking for a simple (10 minute) end of year activity to help students transition to summer and inspire continued learning as a family? This “message for home” is written from the child’s perspective and includes a description of the content the family can expect to receive from ReadyRosie. Completing this activity is a great opportunity for educators to get children excited about doing ReadyRosie activities with their family this summer! The format is easily customizable for schools or programs that are interested in offering a special incentive or celebration for families who participate in Summer Soar.

Summer Soar Playlists:

These playlists will be delivered weekly in place of the ReadyBaby/PreK and Elementary weeklies beginning June 6. Summer Soar content will end the week of August 8. While the focus of the summer content is on family bonding and fun - all the activities also specifically support literacy, math, or social-emotional learning.

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Playlist Themes:

  • Week 1 - Make this a summer of memorable adventures!
  • Week 2 - Have fun playing and solving problems with others!
  • Week 3 - Enjoy reading and telling stories together!
  • Week 4 - Get up and get moving!
  • Week 5 - Draw or make something creative!
  • Week 6 - Play a game while you’re out and about!
  • Week 7 - Have fun together with family game time!
  • Week 8 - Spend time together in the kitchen!
  • Week 9 - Write down your favorite summer memories!
  • Week 10 - Get your routines ready for the new school year!

Summer Soar Adventure Map:

This one-page printable lays out the Summer Soar playlist themes for all ages 0-3rd grade. It’s a visual way to remind families to take time to learn together over the summer and to easily record their learning. They can present it to the school at the end of the summer.

Summer Soar Printable Playlists:

These printable playlists provide descriptions of each modeled moment so families with limited internet access can still try each activity. It also provides guidelines for families on how to give feedback and share any reflections they have.

What do families say about Summer Learning with ReadyRosie?

The video embedded in this blog features family testimonials and is included in the toolkit. Remember to share this video on your organization’s social media accounts to highlight this video for families and caregivers! Hearing from peers about how they benefited from summer learning with ReadyRosie is a great way to get caregivers motivated. The video will also be delivered to families via the Share platform.

For more information about Summer Soar, click here to watch a recording of our 40+ minute webinar ReadyTeacher Chat: See Summer Learning Soar.