When we first launched ReadyRosie in 2012, someone asked me, “Is ReadyRosie a local organization/solution or are you interested in changing the world?” Despite having only three videos at the time, my response was, “I would like to see this concept change the world.”

This summer marks exactly seven years from when a few of us left full-time jobs to take a chance on starting ReadyRosie. In that time, ReadyRosie has been building the foundation for scalable impact through high-quality content, a research base, efficacy, and responsive user experiences. We have organically grown from those first three videos to providing over 1200 (plus MANY other meaningful resources for families and educators) and currently serve over 6500 school partners.

We recognize we have a lot to celebrate and we are excitedly humbled at the potential for ReadyRosie to continue to grow and make a worldwide impact. What we have realized though is that the level of scalable impact we are imagining does not happen without strategic partnerships. The work in early childhood is too important and too vast to not team up to see how we can do more together.

A New Partnership: In late 2018, Teaching Strategies approached us about a formal partnership in which ReadyRosie would come under their umbrella of resources. I had to consider this as a potentially critical step in accomplishing our mission at ReadyRosie. We meticulously evaluated all aspects of this acquisition proposition. And now, after months of careful consideration and planning, we have formalized this partnership. We are thrilled and honored to be a part of the Teaching Strategies family of solutions.

Why did we make this strategic decision? What does this mean for the Teaching Strategies and ReadyRosie teams? And most importantly, what does this mean for you as an early childhood educator or caregiver? I hope you’ll be as excited as we are by the answers below:

Compatible missions: At ReadyRosie, our mission has always been to equip and inspire schools and families to work easily together to change the lives and trajectories of children. The Teaching Strategies mission is to empower and inspire early childhood educators as they teach and care for our youngest learners. Not only do our missions align, but we also both have our roots in a focused effort to close the opportunity gap for the most vulnerable of young learners.

Richer data sets: Because Teaching Strategies leads the early childhood field in high-quality assessment, we can begin to use this partnership, in communication with our school/ program partners, to more accurately track how family interventions impact student learning and outcomes.
Ultimately, we hope to be able to provide schools and programs with a more connected data set that shares the whole picture of a child’s skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Deeper classroom connections: Although ReadyRosie will continue to align with and support all state standards and all early childhood programs, we look forward to an integrated alignment with The Creative Curriculum® in which educators can see “at a glance” how their support for families ties directly to their classroom instruction.

Greater scale: Because Teaching Strategies has effectively partnered with programs and schools from literally every area of early childhood education, from Head Start to public schools to private childcare and military programs, we know that this partnership will enable ReadyRosie to reach and impact more families and children and in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Nerdy fun: In addition to all of the obvious wins around curriculum and assessment alignment, I have to share a personal reflection: we actually really like working with the Teaching Strategies team. We collectively geek out over child development and best practices in family engagement and are excited about future alignments and research that will benefit families and schools. It is a nerdy match made in heaven!

A look to the future: ReadyRosie envisions a world where schools and families can easily work together to change the lives and trajectories of young children. We have found a partner in Teaching Strategies who is committed to helping us make that happen. We invite you to join us in our enthusiasm about what this dynamic early childhood partnership means for families, educators, and children. Although many things change about organizations, one thing is constant for ReadyRosie which is our commitment to see transformative family engagement happen in every early learning environment. ReadyRosie will continue to operate in our offices in Denton, Texas, and I will continue to lead the ReadyRosie team as President. Our focus, as it has always been, is to deepen and scale meaningful family partnerships for the benefit of children and we are so honored to be on that path with each of you. Thank you for taking this journey with us!

As a ReadyRosie Partner, you can look forward to seeing exciting program enhancements and announcements coming soon!