Are you an elementary teacher looking to rethink what homework can look like in your classroom this school year? Imagine a new way of doing homework that replaces current homework with home learning! Experience the joy of having students and families enjoy learning outside of school… a homework reframe!

ReadyRosie’s mission is to make transformative family engagement a reality in every school or program through simple to use tools and support. Because of this, we are pleased to share six weeks of FREE Elementary Printable Home Learning Playlists in English and Spanish to help you kick off the school year in a way that will…

Help your students:

  • Improve in skills, abilities, and completion of homework
  • Develop positive attitudes toward school and self
  • Cultivate an academic identity

Help your parents and caregivers:

  • Improve communication with children
  • Increase understanding of school requirements
  • Increase awareness of student expectations
  • Improve communication with teachers and principals

Help you, the teacher:

  • Engage families in homework assignments
  • Recognize the many ways in which ALL parents can motivate and reinforce student learning
  • Improve communication with families
  • Increase the value of student’s home language and culture
  • Engage parents as partners in the education of their children

Download the playlists below to get started! Before you print, be sure to add a short personal message to your families in the area designated “A Note from Your Teacher.”

  • Week 1 - What is the most important resource for your child to be successful in school? (ENG) (SPA)
  • Week 2 - You have a story to tell, and your child wants to hear it! (ENG) (SPA)
  • Week 3 - Books can make us better storytellers! (ENG) (SPA)
  • Week 4 - Don’t know a story? You can make one up! (ENG) (SPA)
  • Week 5 - You’ll want to remember this! (ENG) (SPA)
  • Week 6 - Fun math games you can play anywhere! (ENG) (SPA)

Would you like to know more about how to rethink homework? Talk to your administrator about our professional learning opportunity “Learning Everywhere: Rethinking Homework”!

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