Now is the time to start making plans to launch ReadyRosie again for a new school year. Here’s a helpful checklist of things to do and think about to get everything ready for the Fall:

Action Step Resources
Set goals for implementing ReadyRosie for a new school year. Think through your plans for launching with your educators, families, and schools. You can find some great questions to guide your goal-setting on our Implementation Guide for Administrators.
Get access for all your educators No doubt some of your team has changed and you want to make sure your everyone has access and is in the right place. Login to your dashboard and click on "Schools" to see your educator roster by school. Let us know what changes need to be made and use this spreadsheet to get us your new roster.
Delete old classrooms and add new classrooms Each educator with "Teacher" access can simply go into their dashboard and delete last year's classrooms and create new ones for a new school year. Deleting keeps the families in the system, they just won't be connected to that classroom any longer.
Training and Professional Development for your team Everyone will need a refresher to go over your goals, plan for launching with families, and get acquainted with new features and content. Many of our partners are taking it a step further and investing in live Professional Development with one of our expert trainers. Take a look at our Professional Development options and talk with your Outreach Manager to discuss training options for the new school year.
Make plans to launch with your families The beginning of the school year provides many opportunities to introduce ReadyRosie to families, set goals for how you want them to use it, and get your families registered. Here are some resources to help you.
Get up to date on our new features launching this Fall! Here's a helpful overview of our new features.

Let us know how we can help get you launched for a new school year. If you haven’t yet been in touch with your ReadyRosie Outreach Manager about this, email us and we’ll set up a call.