As we enter into the Spring Semester, many Texas school districts are administering the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring assessment to their PreK students. At ReadyRosie, we are here to support you and your families with fun games and activities aligned to the assessment skills.

Check out our alignment to the CIRCLE Literacy Assessment here and our Math Alignment here.

Here are 3 creative ways to use these alignments:

1. Create Small Groups:

Did you know you could create small groups within your Share platform and send a custom playlist to just those families? For example, if you had 2 students that needed extra support in the area of Early Writing you could add those families to a small group within minutes. Here is a quick video showing you how:

2. Utilize Custom Playlists:

When analyzing your assessment scores, you might notice areas that need extra support at home. By cross-referencing our alignments, you can identify videos to send home in a custom playlist to the entire class or just a small group. Take advantage of our two-way communication feature by encouraging your families to comment on the videos, allowing you to comment back! Here is an example of what a custom playlist might look like for students struggling in the area of Number Recognition:

RR playlest

3. Reteach Opportunities in the Classroom:

All of our video landing pages include extensions and ways to modify our activities. While we wrote these with parents in mind, many teachers use these in the classrooms as reteach opportunities. You can also show the ReadyRosie videos in the classroom – children enjoy watching the videos and playing the games with their peers in the classroom.