New academic initiatives generally start in the fall. It’s an exciting time to start the school year with new habits and strategies, but so much “new” can be a little overwhelming for both educators and families. Think about this: maybe the time to start a cohesive and comprehensive family engagement strategy is NOW. Here are a few reasons why spring is a great time to get started with ReadyRosie:

  • NOW is the time that preK and K children are registering for school. Imagine being able to give those families a tool that will support Kindergarten readiness through family engagement!

  • NOW is the time when you can help families build home learning routines through the ReadyRosie Modeled Moment videos. These habits can easily continue over the summer to prevent summer learning loss!

  • NOW is the time when families and teachers have classroom data and experiences to use to create a customized family engagement plan for each class or even each student!