The beginning of the school year is a great time to get the word out about ReadyRosie and get more parents signed-up. Even if you had a successful push when you first got started with ReadyRosie, new children are being born into your community every day and there are always new families to reach with this great resource. Here are some tips and resources to help you launch ReadyRosie in your community this Fall:

New Delivery Methods – Mobile App and Texting

We’ve made receiving and interacting with ReadyRosie videos easier and more user-friendly with the launch of SMS texting and our new mobile app. Read more about that here.

Consider Uploading Existing Emails of Parents

More and more schools are already capturing parent email data upon registration either at the district or classroom level. Several of our partners automatically upload their parents into our system to get everyone signed-up at once. That way, they can focus on encouraging usage and classroom integration rather than spending several weeks getting everyone signed up individually. Information on how to do this is found upon logging into to your online data portal.

New Awareness Materials – Remind your Parents Daily!

We’ve updated our awareness materials, flyers, and stickers to include information about texting and our mobile app. Every time I drop off or pick up my 4 year old son from PreK, the teacher has a big flyer on the door reminding parents to use ReadyRosie and do the activities with our kids. Find everything here.

Parent Intro Videos in English and Spanish

Use these brief intro videos (English and Spanish) to help your parents better understand ReadyRosie. Embed them on your website, send them out via email, have them played in your school lobby, etc.

Equip your Teachers!

Experience shows us that the schools that get their PreK and Kindergarten teachers resources and training about what ReadyRosie is have higher user and usage rates than schools that do not. Here’s what you can do for your teachers:

  • Make sure your teachers and administrators are registered to receive ReadyRosie so they see what their parents see on a daily basis.
  • Provide your teachers with this brief 5 Ways to Deepen the Impact of ReadyRosie in the Classroom document
  • Provide your teachers with this detailed document showing the sequence of ReadyRosie videos and their alignment to standards (Common CoreTexas)
  • Utilize Parent/Teacher nights and conferences to talk with parents about their experience with ReadyRosie. If they hear from you that it is important, they are more likely to utilize the resource!

Write a Press Release

You are launching an innovative tool that leverages the power of technology to improve school readiness among your community’s littlest citizens – what a great news story! Consider a press release to get the word out about the great things you are doing for parents in your community. Here are some examples of how ReadyRosie has received great coverage in other communities:

Collaborate with Others in Your Community

Schools aren’t the only ones who reach parents of young children in your community. Have you considered partnering with other entities in your community to help spread the word about ReadyRosie and collectively work together to move the needle on school readiness in your community? Many communities are using ReadyRosie as a way to bring partners together around early childhood education goals in their community. Here are some suggestions.

Make use of our new data dashboard and online portal

If you haven’t already, login with your data stats login and password and check out our new online portal. In addition to having 24/7 access to your user and usage data, you can now upload parent email lists online, have access to all of our awareness and marketing materials, and change your account settings.

What ideas do you have for this school year? Let us and other ReadyRosie community partners know by commenting below! And let me know if you have any questions along the way. Contact me at