Active Family Engagement

Quick videos show families how to find learning moments in day-to-day activities.

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We partner with school districts and community organizations who provide ReadyRosie to their local families and educators.

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Modeled Moments

Schools and families work better together when families understand exactly how they can support their child. That is why we designed the ReadyRosie Modeled Moment Videos. The videos take place in real environments such as restaurants, grocery stores, and playgrounds, to demonstrate how to find learning moments in everyday activities.

Ten Scoops



Pantry Talk Description



Walk the Line



What is a Modeled Moment?


Real families in real-life settings and real situations


English, Spanish, plus translations in many languages


Built on 21st century learning skills and state standards


Approximately 2 minutes for busy families


Invites the child to
lead the learning

Prompts Presence

Builds capacity in families to create their own learning moments

Content-based Communication

Schools and families work better together when they can easily communicate and collaborate.
ReadyRosie provides a platform for simple two-way communication between teachers and families. Teachers share content based on learning objectives and classroom assessment data. Families understand and support learning goals and share outcomes with the teacher. Communication is important, but content-based communication is transformative.

This week, our class is working on measurment! Play this game to support Rosie’s learning! We just played the measurement game. Rosie is now measuring everything in the house!

Detailed Data

Schools and families work better together when they can measure and celebrate their success.
ReadyRosie provides actionable data delivery for Administrators, teachers, and parents.


Administrators see real-time registration, usage and impact data.


Teachers create a classroom and can see what families have accomplished.


Families save favorites and can track and celebrate their success.

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Observable Outcomes

Schools and families work better together when they can SEE the results.
Studies show ReadyRosie increases language and learning in the home, increases academic outcomes for students, and increases collaboration between teachers and families. Below are results from a Penn State Study focused on ReadyRosie and its effect on parental language in the home. See more studies and research here.


Total Number of Words


Total Number and Complexity of Utterances (sentences)


Total Number of Open-Ended Questions


Total Number of Child Responses


Total Number of Commands/Directives, like "no" and "put that down."

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