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We partner with school districts and community organizations who provide ReadyRosie to their local families and educators.

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ReadyRosie is a RESEARCH-BASED parenting curriculum that builds on parents’ knowledge. ReadyRosie harnesses the power of video and mobile technology to empower families and schools to work together to promote SCHOOL READINESS. See here for a draft of the Head Start Parenting Curriculum Recommendations and the ReadyRosie Response.

Here are 11 reasons why ReadyRosie is the perfect solution to meet the Head Start Parenting Curriculum Requirements...


ReadyRosie is Research-based and is involved in multiple on-going studies.

ReadyRosie Research


ReadyRosie is aligned to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework.

Parent, Family & Community Engagement Framework Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework Head Start Performance Standards


ReadyRosie addresses multiple child outcomes and all ages birth-Kindergarten.

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ReadyRosie provides a facilitator's guide and Implementation manual.

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See an overview of ReadyRosie Family Workshops here.


ReadyRosie promotes bi-literacy by modeling how families can interact in their home language.


ReadyRosie provides targeted content for fathers and grandparents!


ReadyRosie can reach every family, not just the families who can attend a parenting class.

Despite the many benefits of parent education, less than 2% of parents in Houston and Dallas access evidence-based parent education programs each year.

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ReadyRosie empowers teachers to be a part of the family engagement process through ReadyRosie SHARE.


ReadyRosie addresses the family role in literacy, math, social-emotional development and MORE!


ReadyRosie gives meaningful data to directors and teachers to track the IMPACT of training parents.



Head Start administrators, teachers and families love ReadyRosie.

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