In 2011, my 3 year old daughter, Rosie, had a hunger to learn. I quickly realized that her only limitation was my own bandwidth (as a working mom of 2) to feed that hunger. Desperate for her to reach her full potential, I did what every concerned parent does – I turned to internet searches to discover my role in my child’s education. Here’s what I found: apps that could “teach” her without my involvement at all, Pinterest activities that involved a lot of prep time and crafty materials like felt and popsicle sticks and, of course, academic dissertations on school readiness indicators and oral language acquisition. As an educator, I KNEW there was more to the role of a parent than downloading an app for her or buying popsicle sticks. I also knew I was not the only parent who had searched this topic and found the same disappointing and discouraging results. This is why, in 2012, a group of us – educators, parents, child development experts, tech experts and even filmmakers – decided to re-think how technology can help families engage and interact with their children AND how schools can have confidence that these interactions are routed in research and standards. The problem we are solving is not new: How can families and schools work better together to close the achievement gap?, but our solution of quick “in the moment videos”, digital communication and sharing, and meaningful and timely data REIGNITES the hope of family engagement. This is not your grandmother’s definition of family engagement. This is ACTIVE family engagement and we are honored to share it with you.